Friday, August 16, 2002

Well Hello All!!
Today I must share that no matter what any of you are going through, Jesus is there to help you and take you through it. I encourage all to pray daily. Be in prayer like never before. Prayer is not about asking for things but spending time with God in conversation. Meaning you talk to Him and He talks back to you. One good thing to do is ask Him what He would like to talk about. Sometimes He wants you to intercede or pray for someone. Sometimes He wants you to pray about a situation in your life. Read the Bible daily, prayerfully. As you do the Lord will speak to you...I will share more and go deeper next time. be blessed children of God.

For those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour....I ask you now to ask Jesus by Saying, Lord Jesus I confess you as Lord and Believe that you died and rose from the dead for my sins. You are the son of God, and I believe in you and ask you to come into my heart and change my life....I promise to live for you forever...Amen

If you prayed that, the peace of God will come into your life and you'll never be the same..You'll be a new person..You'll be a child of God.
Continue to view this page and I will share encouragement and insight for your new Christian walk. Be sure to get a holy Bible. The King James version is good, and also the New American Standard (easier to understand). Also find a church in your area that believes the Bible and preaches it. A church that believes Jesus is the only way to God and to salvation. Ask the Lord to help you find the church He wants you in.
Goodbye for now.....In Jesus Wonderful Name...Amen

You can e-mail me at if you need to ask me any questions or submit a prayer request.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Here is a poem dealing with the value of living for today...


Why not Today?
Tomorrow might never appear
Why not Today?
Why worry about what has not happened yet
And miss what’s happening Today?
You hope in tomorrow …
But tomorrow is based on Today.

Why do we forget Today?
Why do we despise Today?
She is the lover rejected
While tomorrow gets all the play.
Why dream about tomorrow
And forfeit living Today?
Dreamers are lost in tomorrow
But real people live in Today.